Friday March 03, 2017

VR Jive Takes on Sky Sanctuary VR

Our long-time buddy "Jumbuck" Johnny Gatt has some VR coverage from down under at VR Jive. He loads up Sky Sanctuary on a couple of machines, including this budget PC, which does not turn out too well. However he does have an MSI Aegis Ti (NVIDIA SLI Laptop) that turns out to be a proper system for higher scores. I have been telling you guys "Reprojection bad! 90fps good!" The video below tells you what you need to know.

In this weeks video I take a look at Sky Sanctuary its a Samurai training simulator available now on steam for the HTC Vive The creator Glitchr Studio have created a futuristic Shinto shrine type of environment (Red Japanese temple/castle) where you will learn the ways of the Samurai you will be trained with the Katana (traditionally Japanese swords) and the Yumi (Japanese Bow) you also get to play with throwing stars smoke grenades fireworks and play Japanese style drums.