Friday March 03, 2017

Unity Reports on VR Data for 2016

Unity is one of the largest graphics engines used in VR gaming. One of the best looking ones we have seen belongs to Call of Starseed. However the list of games is much longer than that in what we have covered here alone. Unity is opening its kimono a bit this morning and sharing some data with us in its 2016 Mobile Games and VR Year in review Report. You can hit this link and download the full report yourself, but we have shared some more of the interesting data below.

News Image

News Image News Image

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What the data shows so far is that many folks that are using HMD are using those often. The sales of the inexpensive Samsung GearVR lead the pack, and while that devices does not support what I would call "true" VR gaming, it is certainly a way to enjoy non-interactive VR content. And quite frankly there is no doubt in my mind that it will pave the way for more people getting excited and wanting to experience more involved VR games.