Friday March 03, 2017

Ryzen 1700X Just as Good as 1800X

Now that I am back in town and the Ryzen embargo has expired, we can talk a bit more openly about the different Ryzen models; the 1700X and 1800X. I was told by sources inside AMD to not expect to find any discernible differences between the 1700X and 1800X processors if you were going to overclock the processors and use good cooling.

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I could find no one over the last week that could explain any appreciable "binning" going on to separate the two chip models based on performance abilities. I do have a retail Ryzen 1700 processors waiting to be shipped to me as well for overclock testing. While I cannot definitively say that the 1700 will look just like the 1700X/1800X as of yet when overcocked, I have not found any real reason to think differently as of this morning. So the 1700 model may certainly be the "enthusiast" model. You can read our 1700X review here.