Friday March 03, 2017

AMD Ryzen with Ubuntu - Here is What You Have to Do to Fix Constant Crashes

As we reported on on Monday Ryzen will really need a newer kernel than most current Linux distributions ship with in order to work properly. If you are of the alternate OS persuasion, and are an early Ryzen adopter, Servethehome has you covered regarding how to update your kernel in Ubuntu, and Ubuntu-based distributions like Mint, to a more recent one, and avoid constant crashes.

Of course, you can always download the kernel of your choice from the Mainline Kernel PPA, and use dpkg to install it yourself as well, rather than rely on their script.

One thing to note here is that since these newer kernels, once manually installed, are not in Ubuntu's repositories or any PPA they will not automatically update when security or other patches become available, so those who do this will have to keep an eye on things themselves and update manually as needed. This will be the case at least until Ubuntu releases their 17.04 Zesty Zapus release next month. At that time it may make sense to manually uninstall the mainline kernel, and install the enablement stack kernel if you are on 16.04 LTS or update distribution instead.

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One plus side to this is that the newer kernel version also is giving us significantly more performance. Our advice, use whatever Linux flavor you want, but upgrade it to the latest stable kernel immediately if you want to use AMD Ryzen. Since we will undoubtedly get the question, this does not mean that the chips are not x86 and AMD64 compatible. It is simply an example of where development has been focused on how Intel does things. With AMD’s implementation, we simply need to apply an existing update.