Thursday March 02, 2017

You Can Now Put Windows 98 on Your Wrist

There are myriad things you can do with a Raspberry Pi, and this guy decided to turn one into a Windows 98 smartwatch. He has posted a tutorial on how to make one yourself, but I don’t want to be reminded of my Aptiva ever again.

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I have always had somewhat of a soft-spot for Windows 98, despite it driving me insane back in the day on my old Pentium II system with 64mb RAM and using some god awful on-board graphics. But these days I don’t HAVE to suffer it as my only source of computing; which, somehow makes me want to go back and use it آ– I’ve built my own dream Windows 98 PC that I like to fire up every now and then and I love it. I also love emulation, the idea of running an operating system on virtual hardware? That’s awesome. It’s like the Matrix, or something. On top of this I love wearable/small tech and nowadays I have the ability to make things like this. So I thought, wouldn’t it be ridiculous and awesome to have Windows 98 on my wrist?