Thursday March 02, 2017

Overwatch's New Character Is a Robot Named Orisa

Nope, it ain’t Doomfist, but those of you who can’t get enough of robots in Overwatch have another character to try. Orisa is a giant four-legged "guardian robot" meant for tanking and features a bunch of defensive abilities such as Fortify and Protective Barrier.

Orisa is a Tank-class character whose "gameplay is engineered around protection." Her weapon is the Fusion Driver, an automatic cannon that deals constant damage but slows her movement speed. The alternate fire is Halt, which launches a charge that she can detonate to slow enemies and pull them towards the explosion. Her abilities include Fortify, which reduces the damage she takes and makes her immune to "action-impairing effects;" and Protective Barrier, a stationary barrier that can be deployed to block enemy attacks. Her Ultimate is Supercharger, which launches a device that buffs damage done by any teammates in its line of sight. The device itself can be destroyed by enemies.