Thursday March 02, 2017

Microsoft Prepares New Update Options for Windows 10

Those of you who are sick of Windows 10 rebooting in the middle of something important should be pleased to know that the Creators Update will now let you "snooze" or defer updates for an entire year. Microsoft has also added a dialog that warns you when an update is available, with buttons that let you decide when it is installed. This is probably less exciting for W10 Pro users, as they have had the option to delay updates for a while, but I guess it is great news for everyone else.

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In a major reversal of previous policy, Microsoft will allow users to click Snooze repeatedly, effectively deferring updates indefinitely. That's not a recommended course of action, but it's how the feature will work. These new options apply to all Windows 10 editions. For administrators who want to apply policy-based delays and deferrals to updates, the new release will consolidate update controls into the Settings app, adding some knobs and levers that make them much easier to manage and no longer requiring Group Policy. You'll pay for the privilege, though: the following new update controls are available only for the Pro/Enterprise/Education editions. The entry-level edition of Windows 10 offers none of the new update controls.