Wednesday March 01, 2017

San Francisco University Lays Off IT Workers; Jobs Head to India

The University of California, San Francisco laid off 49 IT workers and vacated an additional 48 IT positions in an attempt to save 30 million dollars over 5 years. The University has decided to outsource these IT jobs to India to save on costs. USCF entered into a 5 year $50 million deal with HCL Technologies Ltd to handle the work.

The UCSF is a school focused on health care and research. It would seem that they would be the last entity seeking to outsource the IT department to a foreign country. I wonder how did they analyze their budget and expenses to determine that this was the best course of action. There had to have been a better solution. Maybe the ones on top making these decisions needed a pay adjustment instead of this outsourcing nonsense? I bet this costs them more in the long run.

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"It's a downgrading of services and a slap in the face for the customers," said Ho, who has worked in IT in the Bay Area for 25 years. He said he plans to look for a job but worries that outsourcing of IT services is a growing trend. Last year UCSF entered into a $50 million contract over five years with India-based HCL Technologies Ltd to do the work.