Wednesday March 01, 2017

LG Shows Off SteamVR Headset with 1440x1280 screens at GDC

All week we have been hearing multiple reports of LG intending to demo a "Next Generation" VR headset with Valve at GDC, but up until now the details were scant. They didn't even share any pictures of the device. UploadVR now has some real details on this new HMD.

LG's headset is built around the same Valve SteamVR Tracker used by HTC in the Vive, and features some pretty impressive specifications, among them dual OLED 1440x1280 screens. By comparison, both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift have 1080x1200 screens. While this will certainly go a way to combat the dreaded "Screen Door" effect of low resolution screens in VR, it will certainly also increase the already pretty hefty GPU requirements associated with VR.

News Image

These dev kits are going out to "select partners" by the end of this week. Representatives from the company were reluctant to commit to a time frame for a consumer release, but said an announcement should come some time this year after they get feedback from partners and developers.