Wednesday March 01, 2017

Jen-Hsun Huang: Nvidia GameWorks to Run on Any DX12 Compatible Platform

Amid all the excitement about the announcement of the new GeForce 1080 Ti last night at Nvidia's GDC event, and the confusion as their live feed kept dropping out across all services it was on, one key announcement almost got drowned out and lost. While I have been a long time Nvidia user, I tend to consider myself brand agnostic, open to trying any brand of GPU, as long as it meets my needs. Because of this, it has irked me in the past to see Nvidia try to divide the PC gaming market with effects exclusives that only run on Nvidia GPU's through their GameWorks platform.

Last night Jen-Hsun Huang announced that this is about to change. GameWorks, in its entirety, has been ported to DX12, and will run on "any platform that is DX12 compatible". Check out the announcement in the embedded video below.

While it may have taken some time, I commend Nvidia on doing the right thing. The overall PC gaming market thrives in the absence of proprietary solutions, with artificially limited and blocked off exclusives. Next I hope they will open up on G-Sync, and maybe even support FreeSync or the new Game Mode Variable Refresh Rate standard in upcoming HDMI 2.1 TV's.