Tuesday February 28, 2017

What the Game Industry Thinks of Nintendo’s Switch

Polygon has gathered up a bunch of developers and executives to get their thoughts on aspects of the Nintendo Switch, such as third-party support and motion-controller technology. I am going to be completely honest with the fact that I couldn’t care less about what they have to say and am merely here for the illustrations, but if you want some industry-figure insight, this may be worth reading. A newer article is arguing that Nintendo’s latest console isn’t even "finished." Who got their pre-orders in?

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To some, though, the system seems incomplete. From early reports of controllers that don't properly sync to a limited launch lineup, a lack of non-game apps like Netflix, a missing Virtual Console library and lingering questions about the online service, there's a simplicity to Switch's launch that recalls the '90sآ—Zelda is Mario 64, and if you don't want that or a few other games, you might not need the system right away. In time, Nintendo will address those issues. Yet more than most consoles, Switch remains a bit of a mystery at launch. Are motion controls going to be a big part of it? What type of player will Switch developers cater to? And will third-party studios embrace the hardware once the initial hype dies down?