Tuesday February 28, 2017

SpaceX Plans to Send 2 Tourists around Moon in 2018

Would you pay $35 million for a trip into space with no guarantee that you would return? Two rich folks have actually approached Musk about this, and the madman has agreed to the venture. The trip, which will make them the first humans to venture that far out into space in more than 40 years, will involve a fly-by of the moon’s surface before it (hopefully) lands back on Earth. One industry pundit would have you know that "SpaceX has yet to get crew from the ground to low-Earth orbit."

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[Elon Musk] said two private individuals approached the company to see if SpaceX would be willing to send them on a weeklong cruise, which would fly past the surface of the moon آ— but not land آ— and continue outward before gravity turned the spacecraft around and brought it back to Earth for a landing. "This would do a long loop around the moon," Mr. Musk said. The company is aiming to launch this moon mission in late 2018. The two people would spend about a week inside one of SpaceX’s Dragon 2 capsules, launched on SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket. The spacecraft would be automated, but the travelers would undergo training for emergencies.