Tuesday February 28, 2017

Google Shares Plans and Renders of New Mountain View Campus

Will Google be upstaging Apple’s spaceship campus? Judging by these concept images, probably notآ—the main structure looks like a giant slab of dragon skin. While that may sound cool on paper, the fruit company’s symmetrical design is probably classier. Google’s effort seems to be more friendly to the general populace, however, with parks and other attractions that anyone can visit.

News Image

A large canopy that regulates indoor climate, air quality, and sound is the most distinctive aspect of Google Charleston East. Meant to complement the company’s existing patchwork of buildings, the new square structure is located on the outskirts of the existing Googleplex. A "destination for the local community," the ground story is openآ—from dawn to duskآ—to the public with a pedestrian pathway cutting through the building. This floor will feature restaurants and shops meant for both employees, residents, and other tourists. There are countless open spaces, including a public plaza and "quieter and more intimate spaces for collaboration and private conversation." Additionally, the building is surrounded by multiple natural spaces and smaller park areas known as the Green Loop.