Tuesday February 28, 2017

Is DirectX 12 Worth the Trouble?

I am pretty sure that someone asked the same question recently, but here we go again. There are all sorts of amusing sessions taking place currently at GDC, and this one ponders whether anyone should waste their time with DirectX 12. All I got out of it is that developers shouldn’t be lazy and async compute is pretty darn great, but I’ll see what you guys have to say. Thanks to cageymaru for this one.

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The developers revisit the questionآ—is DirectX 12 worth it? Well, if you are willing to invest a lot of time into your DirectX 12 implementation, you could succeed, such as in case of "Rise of the Tomb Raider," in which users noticed "significant gains" with the new API. They also argue that it's possible to overcome CPU bottlenecks with or without DirectX 12, if that's relevant to your game or user-base. They also concede that Async Compute is the way forward, and if not console-rivaling performance gains, it can certainly benefit the PC. They're also happy to have gotten rid of AFR multi-GPU as governed by the graphics driver, which was unpredictable and had little control ( remember those pesky 400 MB driver updates just to get multi-GPU support? ).