Tuesday February 28, 2017

126 vBulletin Forums Hacked; 819,977 Accounts Leaked on Hacking Forums

Shame on all of the admins out there who never bothered to update their vBulletin software. A hacker has stolen information from a number of forums by taking advantage of a security vulnerability that was discovered back in June 2016. Not that the leaked passwords are plain text here, but it’s a neat idea to use a unique password for each and every site if you can.

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آ…a hacker going by the online handle of "CrimeAgency" on Twitter is claiming to have hacked 126 vBulletin (vB) based web forums, stealing personal data of administrators and registered users and leaking them on an underground hacking forum. The data was scanned by online data mining and breach notification platform Hacked-DB. The hack was conducted between January and Febuarary 2017 in which 819,977 user accounts were stolen from the vulnerable forums. The stolen data includes email addresses, hashed passwords, and 1681 unique IP addresses, while the email count based on domains is Gmail: 219,324 accounts, Outlook: 11,070 accounts, Yahoo: 108,777 accounts, and Hotmail: 121,507 accounts.