Monday February 27, 2017

VR Helps Drug Abusers Kick the Habit in Shanghai

Shanghai has adopted a VR initiative to combat the rising drug addiction problem within their population. 1,100 people are getting VR treatment at a facility within the city. Many times a person in rehab for drugs such as methamphetamine or heroin really struggle to kick the habit. It interweaves into their psychology and they simply can't let it go. VR allows them to revisit those bad times without the pressure to partake of the drug. They have an opportunity to be a fly on the wall as people destroy their lives and this helps the addict to make better decisions in the future.

They can go through the whole emotional experience in VR; watching people take drugs and hearing the sounds of lighters dropped as they lose consciousness, see the psychosis overwhelm them as visions of maggots eating them in body bags seems too close to home, and finally their rescue and return back home to their loving families. Sounds like a powerful and moving experience; and a perfect use for VR!

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Chen watched videos showing several people gathered in hotels to use meth. He heard lighters hitting the table and the rumbling sound of meth burning in glass pipes.

The second video, a form of aversion therapy, showed people experiencing dizzy hallucinations, their bodies zipped up in bags, and maggots gnawing at their bones.

The third video showed appetizing meals and happy family time. Chen’s heart pounded fast. He has spent too much time in repeated rehab treatment and misses his family.