Monday February 27, 2017

PSVR’s Secret Weapon, The Aim Controller, Has A Release Date

PSVR has come a long ways as they are closing in on one million units sold. That has invigorated Sony to get their Aim controller out to the public on May 16th for the shooter game Farpoint. VR devices such as a trackable gun device greatly add to the immersion while playing games. Sony was forward thinking about their less dexterous users by giving the option of using one analog stick control or two. So if you are susceptible to motion sickness then you don't have to concentrate on using but one analog stick. Of course if you're more advanced then there is a dual analog input option available. Very smart thinking!

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Farpoint is already promising on its own, but having such a tool available will do wonders for players as they move more naturally and don’t have to adjust to a different style of locomotion such as teleportation. Better yet, the accessory presents an option for other developers that are working on shooters and/or simply would like to add a more fluid mode of locomotion to their existing games as well. Gamestop has a bundle including Farpoint and the controller listed for $79.99 but this could possibly be placeholder as this listing doesn’t have the correct release date. We’ll update with more information in the future.