Sunday February 26, 2017

Qualcomm: Future Smartphone Screens Will Push Resolutions to "6K, 8K, and Beyond"

This is a great happening for mobile VR enthusiasts and PPI nuts, but not so much for those who simply want a phone that doesn’t drop dead at the end of the day. Qualcomm thinks that it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing phones with 8K screens. It seems like we will never get a flagship phone with truly great battery life, as a cutting-edge display will always be there to negate any improvements made toward power usage.

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"We’ll see 6K, 8K and beyond" from future smartphone resolutions, envisions Tim Leland, Qualcomm’s vice president of product management. "It’s going to keep going." That's an incredible leap in a world where most flagship Android Nougat phones have 2K screens and the iPhone 7 Plus is half of even that resolution, sporting a rather meager 1080p display. "It’s going to levels I wouldn’t have believed a few years ago," he admitted. "These are all steps toward not even photo realism, but optical nerve realism. "It won’t be just in terms of pixels per inch, it’ll also be the width of the color gamut, color accuracy and the brightness of the display."