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Today's Hard|Forum Post

Sunday February 26, 2017

PlayStation VR Sells Nearly a Million Units in Four Months

Sony has managed to sell 915,000 PSVR headsets since its debut in October. According to global chief executive of Sony Interactive Entertainment Andrew House, those kinds of numbers were totally unexpected and the product can already be considered a raging success. He notes that availability of the headset will improve in April, but I have seen plenty of them around...

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The headset, PlayStation VR, has been scarce in many stores, especially in Japan, since it went on sale in October. In an interview at his Silicon Valley office on Friday, Mr. House revealed PlayStation VR’s sales for the first time, saying consumers had purchased 915,000 of the headsets as of Feb. 19, roughly four months after it went on sale. Sony’s internal goal was to sell one million of the headsets in its first six months, by mid-April. The company will almost certainly surpass that forecast. "You literally have people lining up outside stores when they know stock is being replenished," said Mr. House, describing the scene in Japan, one of the largest games markets.