Sunday February 26, 2017

The Nokia 3310 Returns from the Dead

Nokia has just resurrected their iconic handset, and it looks like they did a pretty decent job of modernizing the phone. As you would expect, the screen has been updated with a revolutionary feature called color, and it even plays the classic game Snake. Owners can expect 22 hours of talk time on the device, but those who expected another Android device to add to their collection are sure to be disappointed.

If you need a long-lasting phone for emergencies, or a device that’s tough and safe enough for a child to use آ– without having to worry about them going crazy with app store downloads or in-game purchases آ– then the new Nokia 3310 could have a lot of appeal. Of course, those of us who remember the pre-smartphone days with some degree of wistful pleasure might be interested too. Nokia says the new 3310 is expected to retail at just آ€49 worldwide, SIM-free and unlocked. That works out to about $52, though final pricing and release date are yet to be confirmed.