Sunday February 26, 2017

Honda Wants to Charge Electric Vehicles for "Unlimited Range" on Highways

Talk about a pipe dream. While it would be awesome to have charging hardware embedded into roads, what would be the infrastructure costs for that kind of project? Nevertheless, Honda has gone ahead and designed a system that "enables dynamic charging with a charging power of 180 kW (DC 600 V, 300 A) while driving at a vehicle speed of 155 km/h (96 mph)."

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Honda wants to give "unlimited range" to electric vehicles with a new dynamic charging technology at high speeds. Honda doesn’t currently produce any all-electric vehicles, but it is reportedly going to offer battery-powered and PHEV versions of the Clarity, which was first developed to be a fuel cell hydrogen car. While the dynamic charging technology isn’t likely to be implemented in those vehicles, Honda plans to demonstrate it at WCX 17 SAE World Congress Experience next month. Dynamic charging requires charging hardware to be embedded into or over the road. It would basically create invisible train tracks for EVs to use and potentially drive continuously by wirelessly charging.