Sunday February 26, 2017

Augmented Reality Lets Cars Communicate to Reduce Road Rage

You would probably be less likely to give someone the finger if you knew they were rushing to the hospital in an emergency, right? That’s the thinking behind this idea for projecting other drivers’ information using an augmented reality smartphone app. I wonder if there be a virtual sign you can display when you accidentally sideswipe someone because you were too busy reading something off of your windshield? Thanks to Kyle for this one.

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Chao Wang and his colleagues at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands have developed an augmented reality app designed to reduce road rage by improving communication between drivers. "In the US every year, 1500 people are injured or killed as a result of aggressive driving," says Wang. His prototype "social car" project puts a transparent screen in front of the driver on a section of windscreen that displays projected information from a smartphone, augmenting the driver’s view without blocking it. The app flashes up information about other drivers using the system when the phone’s camera spots their cars. A special periscope lens attachment allows the camera to see cars in front of the driver while it is lying flat to project images onto the screen.