Saturday February 25, 2017

Rumor: Shenmue HD Remasters to Hit PC This Year

I still can’t believe Shenmue 3 is coming out. While that is still on the cooker and won’t debut until the holidays, PC fans may be able to re-experience the original games soon. If I’m not mistaken, the sequel was released for both the Dreamcast and the Xbox, but the original only came out for the former.

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A trusted source close to Atlus USA, today revealed to me that Shenmue HD Remaster will be released this year. Both games, Episodes 1 & 2, may be released together rather than separately. They are presumably being geared up for launch to precede Shenmue 3, which could possibly slip into 2018. This will come as no surprise. Last year Sega hinted strongly that a Shenmue HD remaster was on the cards and then towards the end of last year, Sega registered the domain