Saturday February 25, 2017

New Performance Mode Boosts Nintendo Switch Mobile Clocks by 25 Percent

Digital Foundry has discovered that Nintendo Switch developers may have more to work with in the system’s portable mode. It was believed that the console’s GPU would run at 307.2MHz undocked, but a 25% increase to 384MHz can be achieved through some sort of boost mode. I would love to see how much this affects the Switch’s battery life, which is already nothing to brag about.

آ…we wonder whether Zelda uses the new mobile GPU clock mode - it closes the gap a little between handheld and docked GPU performance and combined with only a small leap in memory bandwidth, this may explain why the title renders at 720p on the go, but only 900p when docked. Beyond that, we also wonder whether using the 384MHz mode may come with compromises elsewhere in the system - perhaps by disabling WiFi (PS Vita also had multiple performance modes and one of them did turn off WiFi in order to repurpose the power budget). This is speculation of course, and as always, time will tell.