Friday February 24, 2017

ZeniMax Files for Injunction Over Oculus Code

Zenimax has filed an injunction to block sales of Oculus Rift licensed hardware and software that contains disputed code from an earlier lawsuit and subsequent trial. Earlier this year Zenimax was successful in pursuing charges against Oculus that they infringed upon their software and Oculus was hit with a 500 million dollar judgement against them. Since the new injunction filing includes software and hardware that uses the code; this bring the Samsung Gear VR ecosystem into the mix as it licensed its tech from Oculus. It also means that games in the Oculus store infringe upon the Zenimax code.

This is a huge setback for Oculus and their customers! How long would it take for them to reinvent the code that the machine and software run off of? Since the software is digital will this mean that all software purchased previously will suddenly disappear from owner's libraries? I believe that Amazon has done similar with stolen copyrights for books.

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ZeniMax Media has delivered on its promise to file for an injunction against Oculus, filing papers with a Dallas court asking that products using disputed code be removed from sale. This injunction specifically relates to lines of code used by developers creating software for Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. If the injunction takes effect, it will have an impact on which games can be sold for those devices.