Friday February 24, 2017

Ransomware Ruthlessness Revealed

You read about these Ransomware situations happening all the time now, and you think you know just how bad it is to deal with, at least on a technical level for most [H] readers. The lengths these criminals are going to screw it in even deeper is disheartening at best.

Others played the anger card, the profanity card, the sympathy card. "Am I the one you should hack? No. I am just a salary man who tries to make ends meet and bring foods to his kids," said "E," who also identified himself as "Mustapha from Morocco."

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What is even scarier is the fact that actually being able to obtain Bitcoins is holding these guys back (PDF of overview and full transcript).

"We should be thankful that there are at least some practical barriers to purchase Bitcoins," wrote Sean Sullivan of F-Secure in a Wednesday post to the firm’s blog. "If it were any easier to do so, very little else would check the growth of crypto-ransomware’s business model."