Thursday February 23, 2017

The Tech Industry Thinks Journalists Are Too Mean

Companies are apparently astounded by the pessimistic and aggressive approach that the media has taken in regard to tech coverage. While technology may have been exclusively heralded as some sort of liberator in decades’ past, everything is now doom and gloom with security-vulnerability this and robots-taking-our-jobs that. The fact that there is still arguably plenty of good news along with the "bad news," however, gives the impression that what the tech industry is really frustrated over is the decrease of marketing shills.

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According to the ITIF, companies in the 1980s and 1990s enjoyed working with a media industry that celebrated the benefits of technology and promised it would bring more jobs and wealth. These days, however, they find that the media is more apt to focus on the negative implications new technologies could have, such as the loss of jobs or invasion of privacy. Rather than place the blame for this shift on privacy invasions, defective products, unsavory employment policies, or toxic corporate cultures, the report says the tech press is not adhering to the marketing directives of tech companies because it is more lucrative for publishers. The ITIF takes the bizarre stance that being adversarial is bad because it makes it easier for media outlets to turn a profit.