Thursday February 23, 2017

Mass Effect: Andromeda Has Big Gameplay Changes, an Epic Story, and a New Galaxy

It seems that some sort of embargo has lifted on Mass Effect: Andromeda, as multiple sources are publishing their experiences with the beginning of the game: here are some takes from PC Gamer, IGN, Gamespot, VentureBeat, and The Verge. It’s a lot to digest, but what has caught my eye so far is that it is BioWare’s biggest game ever, offering more customization than you might have imagined. They have also tweaked the dialog system to be "tone-based" like DA: Inquisition, although I think I prefer the bluntness of the original Paragon vs. Renegade system. The second gameplay series video was also uploaded today, which details combat profiles and squads.

The game begins when you wake up آ— and things on board the ship begin going haywire more or less immediately. In the first mission we played, which takes place near the start of the game, I led my character (Sam) on a combat-heavy expedition to explore a new planet. The mission explains how you become the "pathfinder," the character in the game responsible for finding a new home for humanity. You face plenty of resistance along the way آ— and for the first time in the series, you take cover automatically, making firefights much less frustrating than in some of the series’ earlier installments. Your character’s space suit-assisted jump, combined with a dashing ability, lets you move through the battlefield more fluidly than before.