Thursday February 23, 2017

Gorgeous Footage Makes Me Want to Spend My Money on a Jetpack

Here is some amazing 4K footage of a man and his jetpack. It looks so pretty that some commentators think it’s been "Photoshopped," but this is definitely the real deal. While the technology doesn’t seem good enough for us to face off against Nazis yet, it does provide an awesome view.

This gorgeous footage was captured by Tyson Henderson and Carter Hogan using a small army of cameras including the RED Weapon, a GoPro Hero 4, and three camera-carrying drones for all of the aerial shots. Given the jetpack can only fly for four minutes on a full tank, and the crew only had enough gas for about 15 flights, they had to make sure to capture every flight from countless angles. But despite the hardware costing well north of $100,000, how could you not want one after seeing The Rocketeer come to life?