Thursday February 23, 2017

$10K SNES Game Package Lost in the Post Has Been Found

Wow, I thought those cartridges were gone forever, but all that news coverage about lost SNES games reached the right person at USPS and Byuu got everything back. Apparently, the package ended up at the Atlanta recovery center, where lost packages are auctioned off ( wait, that’s a thing? ).

News Image

"The CA rep called me late in the day advising that someone in the Atlanta, GA mail recovery centre had just now located my package! Thankfully, the photographs I took of the packages before sending back the first batch of 100 games proved useful with exact appearance, dimensions, weight, etc being available for the search team. Still, given all the constant ups and downs, I wanted to wait until the package was in hand before giving anyone any false hope. Finally, today, February 23rd, the ordeal is finally over! The package arrived safely, with all games intact."

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