Wednesday February 22, 2017

Samsung's AR Monitorless Tech Allows You to Use Your PC Without a Screen

Samsung is ready to unveil it's Monitorless augmented reality solution at the 2017 Mobile World Congress event. Monitorless allows you to use your PC without a conventional screen by creating an AR effect with special glasses. The system requirements consists of a pair of Samsung Monitorless glasses, Samsung phone, and a PC. You can have apps from your phone or PC float before your eyes within your room. There is a VR and AR slider that seems to darken the view of the room to switch the glasses into VR mode and lighten the room in relation to the running app, to create an AR effect. Seems like this could be a nice diversion as we wait for more robust technology such as Microsoft's Hololens project to complete it's development cycle. Price and quality of the experience will determine the success of the product.

Samsung has additional projects it is planning to show at MWC. They include Relأ؛mĭno, a visual aid application for Gear VR which claims to allow the near blind and visually impaired to read books and watch TV "with new levels of clarity." VuildUs, meanwhile, is another VR app that allows home buyers to see what furniture might look like in rooms before they actually put anything in them. It uses a depth camera combined with a Gear VR to offer an accurate depiction of what you could fit where. Finally, TraVRer is another 360 degree video platform that allows you to visit destinations and plan out a holiday before you go, or revisit it when you get back.