Wednesday February 22, 2017

Man Loses More Than Fifty Pounds Playing VR Rhythm Games

Job Stauffer was a man in serious need of an exercise routine and the mental drive to stick to the routine. His body was failing him as he gained weight well beyond the 300 pound mark. After being unable to do conventional exercise due to bad knees; he turned to the video game industry that he worked in for inspiration. He already owned a HTC Vive; now he just needed the killer app that would keep his mind off problems in the real world.

His killer app turned out to be a program called Soundboxing. In Soundboxing, the VR experience is an uptempo rhythm game where how hard you can punch the notes and the elevation of your punches makes a difference. This naturally required all of his attention to concentrate on tagging all of the notes with quick, forceful punches. Five months later, Mr. Stauffer has shed 50 pounds and is now integrating more machines and exercises into his routine. Pretty cool to see a person finally happy about losing weight. A truly inspirational nerd! Tip of the hat to you Job Stauffer!

"I knew that virtual reality could give the body a chance to engage content fully," Stauffer explains. "It also had an immediacy and simplicity that the other gaming weight loss platforms lacked. There was also this added layer of immersion that I thought could help me shut out the rest of the world and focus on just myself and the movements."