Wednesday February 22, 2017

Castles Made of Sand: VR, PC Gaming, and Hype

Computer Business Review has an opinion piece up today lamenting what they see as some in the media calling VR in 2016 a flop, after they themselves were responsible for hyping it up the first place. They want to set the record and expectations straight, pointing out that PC VR Gaming is a small but quickly growing market, with year over year sales growth of over a thousand percent.

Personally I am not too far off from being ready to take the plunge. I've got more than adequate hardware for it. I'm just waiting for more AAA titles, and trying to figure out a wife-approved spot in the house for a room-scale setup.

News Image

Gabe Newell summarised the situation excellently in the aforementioned interview, stating that VR development is akin to that of the first home PCs in the 1980s: people purchased systems without immediate understanding of their best application, but were very excited by the technology all the same and trusted that it was not a fad nor a poor investment.