Tuesday February 21, 2017

UPS Tests Residential Delivery via Drone

This is a dream come true for UPS and every other package carrier looking for an excuse not to ring or knock on my door when they drop something off. (Yes, I have literally seen some of them do full-blown sprints through the peeper.) I wonder if there will be any technical difficulties, such as your item being delivered 10 houses downآ…

UPS used a drone built into one of its iconic brown trucks to complete a delivery in Lithia, Florida, employing a truck and drone made by electric vehicle-maker Workhorse. The drone flew out of the truck's retractable roof to make a drop-off along a preset autonomous route, while the driver headed elsewhere to make another shipment. The drone then rendezvoused with the truck down the road, docked back on the roof and recharged." This is a Kitty Hawk moment," Steve Burns, founder and CEO of Workhorse, said ahead of the test, referring to the Wright brothers' first historic flights in 1903. "When people ask, 'When did drones begin entering the delivery space?' I think it'll be Monday. It should signal a huge change."