Tuesday February 21, 2017

Samsung Reportedly Plans Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 with Smaller Battery

There are already whispers of this being hogwash, but how crazy would it be if Samsung decided to sell the Note 7 again? Imagine if one of these refurbished units, which would come with a smaller battery, still managed to explode or pose some other sort of safety risk. The company’s reputation has already "tanked" due to the whole fiasco, so they should probably not jeopardize their standing any further and concentrate on making the Note 8 both powerful and safe.

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A new report coming out of South Korea suggests Samsung is considering selling refurbished units of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung’s flagship phablet which the company had to discontinue last year due to dangerous battery failures. Last month, Samsung released its investigative report regarding the Galaxy Note 7’s battery fiasco. In which the company blamed the faulty batteries as the main cause of the battery explosions and overheating. As reported by Hankyung, the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 units will feature a reduced capacity battery (3200mAh) compared to the original model (3500mAh) along with a new outer shell. As per the report, most of the refurbished Note 7 units will likely sell in emerging markets like India and Vietnam as opposed to countries such as the US or European nations, where the device has been banned by multiple authorities.