Tuesday February 21, 2017

Nintendo Switch's Storage Can Be Filled up with a Single Game

Not that anyone thought you could get away with foregoing an SD card, but this goes to show just how inadequate the Nintendo Switch’s internal storage could be for gamers who are interested in amassing a digital library. The Japanese branch has released the digital download sizes for a number of titles, and one gameآ—Dragon Quest Heroes I-IIآ—takes up 32GB, which exceeds the 25.9GB of available space provided by the Switch console. Do you think this is totally moot, or should Nintendo have at least bumped the storage up to 64GB?

آ…a lack of system storage is not any single reason why the Switch will fail or even struggle. But it is part of a broader mosaic where the Switch seems to be at cross-purposes with its core strengths: flexibility and convenience. And that's a tricky place to be in. The pitch for any new console needs to be strong, clear, and easy to understand. Witness the Xbox One vs. PS4: PS4 succeeded, I would argue, for the relative lack of complicating factors. The Switch is already a concept that needs explaining, and so anything else makes an already precarious situation that much trickier.