Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday February 21, 2017

iPhone 8 May Pack "Revolutionary" Camera That Snaps 3D Selfies

Hmm, perhaps Apple should trademark that word already. On top of all the other stuff that is going to make the iPhone 8 the bee’s knees, such as an OLED screen and a "function area" instead of the typical home button, there may even be a super-duper camera that can give some real dimension to your selfies and other photography. I can already think of some great uses for itآ…

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The camera will function by merging the depth information captured by the IR transmitting and receiving modules with the traditional 2D images captured by the front camera. This not only could be used for the iPhone 8's long-rumored iris recognition feature, but even in some gaming applications -- and future AR/VR experiences -- where users could place their own 3D-scanned face in the game using a quick selfie. Today's news of an overhaul to the front-facing camera of the iPhone 8 follows speculation surrounding the potential of Apple dropping Touch ID and instead focusing on either 3D facial recognition or iris scanning as the device's main security feature. JPMorgan analyst Rod Hall has stated that facial recognition could be a more secure alternative, and help increase Apple Pay adoption with retailers and financial institutions.