Tuesday February 21, 2017

Intel Supercharges Underwhelming Atom Line with 16 Cores, Pro-Level Features

The company has announced new C3000 Atom chips that include a nifty number of cores for handling higher streams of data, but for Intel’s sake, I hope they don’t have any issues like those that plague the C2000 SoCs. These chips happen to have the RAS feature, which corrects data errors on the fly and prevents networking and storage equipment from crashing. I suppose that is noteworthy because this is something you would normally find on the fancier Xeon chips.

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The latest Atom C3000 chips announced on Tuesday have up to 16 cores and are more sophisticated than ever. The chips are made for storage arrays, networking equipment, and internet of things devices. The new chips have features found mostly in server chips, including networking, virtualization, and error correction features. Networking and storage devices don’t require a lot of horsepower, so the low-power Atom chips fit right in. Only a handful of Intel server chips have more than 16 cores, but the number of Atom cores means the chip can handle more streams of data. The Atom C3000 fits right into Intel’s long-term plan to grow in the server, IoT and storage markets.