Tuesday February 21, 2017

Disney Develops Method for Wirelessly Powering an Entire Room

While this idea seems incredibly low on the WAF (wife approval factor) due to the copper stripper pole and aluminum boundaries required, Disney may have given us a genuine look at what your typical room in the future may be capable of. Imagine being able to charge your smartphone or laptop just by carrying it into specific areas of your homeآ—wired chargers could become a thing of the past.

Disney Research has achieved room-scale ubiquitous wireless power delivery. That is, Disney has created a prototype living room where 10 objectsآ—a smartphone, a lamp, a fan, an RC car, and moreآ—are powered wirelessly, no cables required. Unlike existing wireless power transfer solutions, which mostly require an object to be placed very close to a wireless charging pad, the objects in Disney's living room can receive power while freely roaming; you can walk into the room with a smartphone in your pocket and it will start charging.