Monday February 20, 2017

USB Killer Devices Get Upgraded

I think we all know that letting anyone has access to your system's USB ports is not a good idea, just ask the dead guy that used to run Iran's nuclear program. That aside, it looks as though has a new USB Killer V3 of its "testing device" that has been upgraded and now delivers even more power to "test the surge protection circuitry of electronics to their limits - and beyond." The device is basically a system of capacitors that charge up then repeatedly discharge into the system at ~200VDC until the unit is removed or it is not longer able to get power. The company sells the USB keys in an "Anonymous Edition" as well. Be vigilant my friends. And if you happend to see a USB that looks like the ones below, you might have them plug it into their own device first, if you are thinking about letting anyone violate your USB port.

News Image

If you are doubting the ability of these devices to kill or permanently damage your electronics, the company has put together a montage of destruction.

There are more than a few devices on the market that will physically block USB ports (and others) on your computer to make it a big harder to perform a drive-by USB key plugin.