Monday February 20, 2017

Snap Starts Selling Spectacles Online.

Snap has started selling their Spectacles camera glasses online for $130. These were previously sold exclusively through a vendor machine in select cities. The glasses are directly interfaced with the SnapChat service, and allow users to upload a 10 second video to their account. The glasses light up to let your friends know that they are being recorded to avoid the Glasshole stigma. Best part is that they recharge when placed back into their case. Pretty nifty!

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Snap announced Monday morning that Spectacles will now be available on

The $130 Spectacles let you film "snaps" at the touch of a button. A wireless video camera embedded in the sunglasses captures 10 seconds of video and saves it to your Snapchat app. You can then edit and share the videos with friends and add to your Snapchat Story.