Saturday February 18, 2017

Xbox’s Phil Spencer: There Will Be More PC-Exclusive Games

Phil seems to make a lot of claims. Lucky for him, I haven’t been keeping track of what has turned out to be utter FUD, so I can only continue to give him the benefit of the doubt. The Xbox Boss suggests that the PC is going to get titles that won’t even be available for the Xboxآ—but what kind of business sense would that even make? This is also, by my estimation, the 500th instance of Phil stating that gaming is "critically important" to Microsoft.

"I look at Halo Wars 2, I think it’s a good PC game. But you know, let’s be honest: a genre that started on the PC as RTS, that we on Halo Wars 1 took it over to console, and now with Halo Wars 2 we’re shipping on both platforms. And people see that and they are like ’Is this a console RTS?’ ‘Is this a PC RTS?’ And we are going to say yes. But I’ll say in the long run Windows is incredibly important to Microsoft, and gaming is one of the most vibrant activities that happens on the Windows platform, and the Xbox team now runs gaming for Microsoft. Gaming on PC is something that we are committed to; we’re gonna have more things to talk about. We’re gonna have games only released on the PC. We’re gonna have games only released on console. And PC gaming is critically important to the company."