Saturday February 18, 2017

Russian Site-Blocking Chief: Kids Shouldn’t Use the Internet

Some people think smartphones, tablets, and other devices can screw up the minds of children. This guy goes one step further and thinks everyone under the age of 10 should be banned from using the Internet, even though statistics show that a significant portion of kids are heavily invested in online media these days. Oh well, there’s always Legos and Mega Bloks ( those haven’t been banned yet in Russia, have they? ).

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آ…Alexander Zharov spoke on a number of issues, including online safety, especially for children. Naturally, kids need to be protected but the Rozcomnadzor chief has some quite radical ideas when it comes to them using the Internet. "I believe that a child under 10-years-old should not go online. To use [the Internet] actively they need to start even later than that," Zharov said. As that begins to sink in, with parents around the globe destroying their kids’ smartphones, tablets, and games consoles in agreement, Zharov hasn’t finished. "Some parents are proud of the fact that their three-year-old kid can deftly control a tablet and use it to watch cartoons. It is nothing good, in my opinion. A small child will begin to consider the virtual world part of the real world, and it changes their perception of reality."