Friday February 17, 2017

Google Wants Your Help with the Development of the Next Pixel

As we have previously reported on, the successors to Google's Pixel phones are well underway. As part of this effort, the very observant phone fans over at GreenBot have noticed that Google's Krishna Kumar has been soliciting input from the user community on their product forums in a thread titled "Chamfers, cross-hatch patterns and deep blue - obsessing on Pixel's design".

I'm sure going to head on over there and give them some input of my own!

News Image

Here is a fascinating peek (A phone of Google's own) behind the development of the Pixel design - from the design team endlessly obsessing over the angle of the phone's edges and its feel in hand, to the texture of the power key, to color selection and cheeky names - and some of the choices and trade-offs that went behind the Pixel design!

I would like to hear your thoughts. What do you like about the design? What do you hate about it? What did we get right? What would you like to see us improve?


Krishna Kumar

Product Lead, Pixel