Friday February 17, 2017

Augmented Reality Makes Climbing Wall Exercise Fun

Finland-based startup, Augmented Climbing, has developed a climbing wall exercise machine. By harnessing the power of augmented reality, depth sensors, an advanced projector, and computer vision; the team was able to use the participant's motion to play exercise games. There is a game called Sparks where you are surrounded by a triangular field of electricity that moves. Your objective is to stay within the field and not touch the electricity. Looks like a great workout!

The multiplayer game shown in the video below is called Climball. It is a Pong style game where you have to use your hands or feet to reach the puck as it is knocked from player to player. The computer can see the player's hands and feet on the wall so it will bounce the puck off them. Since you would be going against another person, this workout could get serious really fast!

AR looks like it holds great potential. I believe that the future is bright for this technology. I could see this climbing wall with it's various exercises at a gym or home. Personally I would stick the kids on it to battle each other. Not sure if I would last longer than the video. You can get a price quote directly from Augmented Climbing.

On top of all the games and entertainment this incredible device provides, it also serves as an invaluable learning tool for climbers of all skill levels. With an impressive program entitled Augmented Problems, climbers use a touchscreen computer to create their own climbing routes based on their personal body-type and skill level. A video feedback system can then transmit life-size video of previous climbs directly on the wall for reference. This means climbers can follow along with previous climbs and even race their past selves.