Friday February 17, 2017

Apple Should have Taken on Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's Playstation with Apple TV

Back when Apple was first developing the Apple TV it was originally supposed to be an entire set top box replacement device, much like a TiVo but with apps. When this fell through, Business Insider reports, Apple briefly considered bundling the Apple TV with a game controller to take on Sony and Microsoft in the game arena. Business Insider argues this was a huge missed opportunity, especially since the majority of all apps sold for the Apple TV are games.

I don't know how well Apple would have taken on the already entrenched Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 in 2007 with a lightweight TV device, but then again, with the majority of "gaming" being titles like Farmville, Candy Crush and Bejeweled, who knows?

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But Apple could have "disrupted" the console industry the same way it took over the mobile gaming world آ— by offering a limited version for cheaper, building up a large community of developers, and eventually directly challenging the established market as technology gets better and faster.