Thursday February 16, 2017

Microsoft Will Unveil Xbox Project Scorpio on June 11th

E3 should be mildly more interesting than usual this year. Aside from the event going public, which could mean brawls, stolen hardware, and other hysteria, Microsoft will evidently be unveiling the "most powerful console ever made." Only a fool would be completely optimistic, as the Xbox team’s 4K effort would have to be quite expensive to truly live up to its claim, but I will nevertheless check in on the keynote to see what uninspired name will replace Scorpio.

News Image

Microsoft didn't flat out say it will show off Project Scorpio, but the photo it shared is the same it displayed at the end of its E3 keynote last year. It includes the image of an ultra-high-def 4K chip, a resolution that the current generation of Xbox doesn't support. Microsoft says Project Scorpio -- coming in the fourth quarter of 2017 -- is both the future of Xbox and the most powerful game console ever made. The catch is that it doesn't play any new games but instead will play older games at much better resolution.