Thursday February 16, 2017

Google Fiber Scaled Back, Hundreds of Employees Lost

The good news here is that there are no layoffs involved, but a ton of Google Fiber employees (or, more specifically, workers for Access, Alphabet/Google’s internet business division) are being shuffled away to "key growth areas" such as YouTube. If you are hoping for a greater expansion of Fiber, don’t hold your breathآ—in fact, there are murmurs that the service will be sold off entirely. Wired has a more optimistic take, claiming that they will focus on radical wireless technologies.

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The hundreds of employees leaving Access are on top of the layoffs at Access last year after the company announced it was halting plans to expand Google Fiber to more cities, meaning the Access has a much smaller staff now. Craig Barratt, the former head of Access, also stepped down last year. Recently, there has been speculation that Alphabet will ultimately sell Google Fiber to another company. McCray is also on the board of CenturyLink, a company The Information recently speculated could be a buyer for Google Fiber. However, a source familiar with the matter says McCray will be stepping down from the CenturyLink board.