Thursday February 16, 2017

Google CEO Writes Back to Girl, 7, Who Wants a Job

In today’s feel-good story, Sundar Pichai has penned a letter back to a 7-year-old girl who wanted a job at Google after her dad advised her that the company’s perks included bean bags and go karts. This is the part where I should talk about how Sundar is a cool guy, but being a pessimist, I will call out the Google CEO for having too much free time on his hands. Maybe he should use some of that energy to can terrible ideas like Allo.

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"Thank you so much for your letter. I'm glad that you like computers and robots, and hope that you will continue to learn about technology. "I think if you keep working hard and following your dreams, you can accomplish everything you set your mind to - from working at Google to swimming at the Olympics. "I look forward to receiving your job application when you are finished with school! smile "All the best to you and your family."