Thursday February 16, 2017

BlackBerry’s Worldwide Smartphone Market Share Hits 0%

BlackBerry was the undisputed king of the smartphone world, but then a little something called the iPhone happened. Now, with practically everyone clamoring solely for Apple or Android devices, BB is just struggling to stay in business. Some are giving face to the ailing company by pointing out that devices with third-party operating systems (such as the Priv, which runs Android) aren’t accounted for, but I think it looks bad regardless of how you spin it.

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The entire world knows that the once-king of the smartphone world, BlackBerry, is in bad shape these days, but if you were looking for some actual data to put the company’s dire situation into perspective, a new report from Gartner does the job. The firm’s 2016 retrospective and fourth quarter data dump reveals that, for the first time, BlackBerry holds a 0.0% share of the smartphone market. In worldwide market share based on operating system, Android is still leading the rest of the pack by a mile at 81.7% (80.7% in 2015), thanks largely to the huge number of extremely affordable devices available. iOS is holding steady at 17.9% (17.7% in 2015), while Windows Phone has taken a huge hit with just 0.3% (1.1% in 2015).